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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

Danny Polimeni will be arriving on June 27th and will be here through the 30th.  Danny is an air traffic controller from Florida.  Danny has a great look and will do well in the Intensive.

Tyler Vopava will be back this summer for his second Intensive.  Tyler has a great look and has been working as a store model in Iowa for A&F.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer 2011 update

It was a busy summer schedule. TheMaleWorld was graced by the visits of Anthony Gallton, Thomas Cunningham, Dannie Stiles, Svatoslav Cherukov, Anson Hawkey, and Randy Kotnik. All of the guys were sheer joy to have here and you can view some of their work on click on their tab at the top of the home page.

Anthony is a body builder from Maryland. With his great looks, fantastic body and romantic eyes, Anthony should be a name to reckon with!

Thomas is a new dad from Florida. His baby was born shortly after his visit here and let me tell you Lexi has stolen his heart and has her daddy wrapped around her little finger! If you are in the Florida area and need a well defined, workout addicted model....get in touch with Thomas!

Dannie Stiles was another Maryland model but from the Western part of the state. If you want to have fun on a shoot, work with Dannie! He is very open-minded, free spirited and very self assured! He would be great for professional male figure studies!

Svatoslav is an 18 year old from Walnut Creek, CA....but has the look and body of a Russian god!
Svat is originally from Russia, but is now a US Citizen, a life guard and avid sportsman. He has hit the west coast modeling circuit and you will be seeing him on national campaigns and covers in the near future.

Anson was a short visit...but, as you will see, some really great images were created in a short period of time. Anson works hard on his body and it really shows! His eyes are penetrating and looks even greater in clothes! Watch out fashion world! Anson is on the way!

Randy Kotnik recently located to Erie, Pa. from Ohio. Randy is naturally comfortable in his skin...and in anyone else's as well! Since being here, Randy recently shot with in Vegas and has become a talent scout for them. Visit their site and see Randy share those beautiful eyes with you...and some other really lucky guys!

Speaking of, Austin and Zane are two really great guys who used to work with another adult production company until it suddenly ceased production. A&Z (and they look great in or out of their A&F) decided to open their own film company (Hardballfilms) as well as the production company . They are dedicated to providing the highest quality in models and in production, providing their members HD viewing! Besides being best friends, they are two of the nicest young guys you could meet. I normally don't promote any one person or business, but is a must...either for a guy or a gal! One of the best interviews on the net can be seen with Randy (Blake Savage) on AZ. If anyone is intersted in working for these guys, you can go to and fill out an application on line. Zane will be in touch with you to follow through.

Well...the fall is upon us and I am scheduling models. So far the first model is arriving on Oct 19 from Michigan. His name is David...and let me tell you....he is one of the most gorgeous guys
I have worked with. He will be sought after quickly. You can view him on line at on October 30th.

Recent features of the summer models are:


Have a great fall!

Monday, December 6, 2010


After what seems like a very long time of construction, TheMaleWorld's new website is alive and for your viewing. Please check it out and leave a comment in our guest book.
You can hit the PREVIOUS MODEL tab and see the recent history of shoots.

The website is:


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Schedule

Eight models are scheduled this summer so far....Intensives scheduled are for: Matt Fernandez, Shawn J Coyle, Andy Frisch, Tyler Vopava, Christian Force, Matt LaFeir, Orin Black and Corey Diaz revisits.

I will be in the Florida area for the RWDSU Convention from August 1-5.

If you are a new or up and coming male model, 17-30, and would like to do TheMaleWorld Intensive, contact me at for details.

Matt Fernandez was featured on Next Hottest Model...check him out:


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I was just sitting here wondering....


When the heck is spring coming??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome to TheMaleWorld!

Greetings. Welcome to TheMaleWorld blog. TheMaleWorld is a company that works with new and up and coming male models. We are located in Pittsburgh, PA, but work with models from all over the world. The blog will introduce you to some of our newest models and keep you abreast of news on the guys. We will also be offering tips and ideas for male models as well. We will also be offering news of what is happening around the world in the field of male modeling. Please feel free to leave words of encouragement; suggestions and comments for the guys. Have fun. Denny